Fest x April and May

fest_aprilandmay-1Last Sunday we were invited by Fest Amsterdam to organize a workshop styling and social media photography for a selected group of attendees. During this workshop we told about April and May, how we started, what we do and how we do it.

We also told a bit about Instagram photography and styling and with this came a little styling contest with the beautiful Fest Amsterdam plateau side table. 5 groups, 5 different settings and shots. Afterwards we chose a winner, see the image up above: We love the simplicity and elegance in this picture. Underneath you’ll find some image taken during the day.

Curious to see all the images? You can find them by using hashtag #festxaprilandmay


First image by attendees @lotbolwijn @bentebollen @monkandanna

Last images by Luca Halma photography



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