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This year we have been working with Fest Amsterdam on plans for their store window and last week we created the window display with a curated selection of items from their collection. To give the store window a more April and May feel  we used natural colored tubes to create a background and a display for the products used. Fest Amsterdam is well-known for their use of color details but for this display we selected items with a more neutral feel and materials like brass, glass, wood and marble. Together with the neutral colored tubes they create a nice contrast with the more colourful items in the store.

One of their newest designs is the Whirlabout created by the Intuitiefabriek. Do you remember being a kid at Christmas, staring at angels floating around a candle?With this design the angel candle holder is brought back to its essence. No angels, just candle propellers, like a landscape with windmills. It looks really great in the window display on our favorite Plateau table.


Besides the larger windows we also created the front window display with different white balls hanging from the ceiling to fit the fall/winter season and upcoming Holidays. We displayed the Kate sofa in a grey fabric and black wooden base.

More images can be found on our facebook page here. And for all the Dutch followers we are giving a workshop styling and social media photography at the Fest headquarters on the 3rd of December with a nice talks, a tasty lunch and nice goodie bag. More info about this can be found here. We would love to see you there.



A big thank you to Fest Amsterdam for this great collaboration. What do you think of this window display?



Images © April and May



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