wooden table thonet

thonet-table-©-beeldSTEIL-Wen-van-Woudenberg-1 thonet-table-©-beeldSTEIL-Wen-van-Woudenberg-2 thonet-table-©-beeldSTEIL-Wen-van-Woudenberg-3 thonet-table-©-beeldSTEIL-Wen-van-Woudenberg-4 thonet-table-©-beeldSTEIL-Wen-van-Woudenberg-5

Dutch designer Jorre van Ast designed a beautiful table for the well known classic design brand Thonet. An elegant and at the same time graphic table with a soft wooden radiance.

Wen van Woudenberg, Dutch photographer and stylist, created some clean and inspiring images for Thonet, which gives you a chance to have a closer look at the table and shows all the details in the right way.

©beeldSTEIL Wen van Woudenberg





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