ikea meets hay

ikea-hay-1 ikea-hay-2 ikea-hay-4 ikea-hay-5 ikea-hay-6 ikea-hay-7 ikea-hay-30

We’ve been waiting for this for a while and now we finally can show you a sneak peak of this exciting collection, all we have to do is wait till October – IKEA meets HAY – sounds like a perfect combination right? Well, we think it is!

YPPERLIG is a collection with timeless interior pieces, designed with todays needs. Minimalistic sofa’s, coffee tables and practical accessories. A beautiful chair, shelving system, lighting pieces and they even redesigned the iconic IKEA bag.

We are definitely looking forward to see all the pieces for real. What’s your favorite?



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  • ute says:

    I love the self and the coffee tables! Can’t wait to hear about the price range.

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