full moon doodle

annaleenas-therese-sennerholt-1 annaleenas-therese-sennerholt-2 annaleenas-therese-sennerholt-3

Have you already seen the two graphic prints from Therese Sennerholt called full moon doodle? The name captures what they are; night time doodling which she tends to do when she needs to get an outlet for her creativity, free from briefs and other rules.

A new color scheme, with lighter hues, all shades of beige and all shades of white, which turned into two different colored ”doodles” in beige/nude and gray/black/brown.

The images are created during  a teamwork between Therese Sennerholt and AnnaLeena Leino (who photographed) in her studio gallery at Ekerö.

You can find the prints in the web shop from Therese, made in a small limited edition of 20, signed and numbered.



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