the light house by sigurd larsen

light-house-sigurd-larsen-aprilandmay4 light-house-sigurd-larsen-aprilandmay2 light-house-sigurd-larsen-aprilandmay light-house-sigurd-larsen-aprilandmay1 light-house-sigurd-larsen-aprilandmay3

Danish architect Sigurd Larsen designed a series of single family houses for a sustainable and affordable housing development in Hvalsø, Denmark. One of them is this beauty named ‘The Light House’ and it is a gorgeous bright house.

The interior of this house is airy, bright and clever planned to maximize the space available. This 135 m2 three bedroom house offers a large central living/dining area which is flanked by two bedrooms on one side and one bathroom and master bedroom on the other. The various sizes of windows are carefully positioned to frame a view of the surrounding landscape or capture a ray of sunlight at a specific time of the day.

Just a perfect home with a natural feeling because of the wooden elements and a concrete flooring. We absolutely love it!



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