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Join one of the new city’s well-functioning homes, where two small apartments have been linked with a staircase. The Design & Brand manager of Menu, Joachim Kornbek Hansen’s new home in Nørrebro, Copenhagen is gorgeous. A home where he tries out and reviews all the brand new products.

It is especially the floor that give the apartment its distinctive touch. The light grey epoxy floors in combination with oak objects provide are a perfect match. Because there is not much light on the ground floor he has painted walls as bright as possible to create a fresh and light room. The furniture is all from Menu and &tradition. The first floor has a cave feeling because of the dark brown floor and the long curtains.

Joachim Kornbek Hansen:

”I use the apartment as a laboratory for our products. How do they work in everyday life? It is crucial for the future fate of the design. A home must be cozy and practical”

We like this lovely bright house together with the beautiful products. Also in love with the products from Menu? You can also shop some of the Menu products at our online store.

Via Bobedre | Photography by Birgitta Wolfgang


menu-lamp-aprilandmay                       chair-menu-aprilandmay                       chair-&tradition-aprilandmay

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