white beans and fennel soup

fennel-soup-aprilandmay1 fennel-soup-aprilandmay fennel-soup-aprilandmay2 fennel-soup-aprilandmay4

It’s weekend! And that means, extra time to create some delicious dishes! Today we have a tasty fennel soup for you.

This white beans and fennel soup is full of rich flavors from the toasted fennel seeds and roasted garlic. We love the idea of adding some white beans to the soup because it is way more filling that way. You can puree the soup until completely smooth and dress it up with crumbled, toasted bread, fennel seeds and arugula sprouts. But you can also choose to not puree the soup for some more bite.

So, time for a delicious cup of soup? Check out the recipe here! Need more inspiration? Tending the Table has a lot of great recipes!

Have a good weekend all!



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