roasted lemon mint pesto & ricotta tartines

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It’s weekend! Take it easy and make a little bit of extra effort to make your own roasted tartines.

A vibrant pesto made of roasted lemon slices, fresh mint and toasted almonds from the Kale & Caramel cookbook, atop a bed of creamy whole milk ricotta with two topping variations. Garlicky pea and faca beans for a savory take and plump tart blackberries for a sweet bite. These pesto & ricotta tartines make the perfect midday snack!

The pesto made of roasted lemon slices comes from the book Kale & Caramel, a cookbook with recipes for body, hearts and table. This cookbook is filled with vegetarian and vegan recipes that feed the body, mind, skin and spirit. With aromatic herbs and flowers as the star of every chapter. A must have! Especially when you like to eat a bit more vegetables.

So, take the time to make these delicious tartines! Click here, scroll down the page, and you’ll find the recipe! Have a good weekend and enjoy :)



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