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Have you met the Loof Piled system? A side table and wall furniture in one! Designer Joost van der Vecht gives this pilled table a new function by transforming it into a stackable wall furniture.

You can style this beautiful table in severals ways. The first images are styled with dark accessoires and the last ones with more light accessoires.

”Piled adapts easily from a display of favorite items such as books, plants and art, to a coffee table for afternoon tea or to a surprising room divider. The elementary shape combined with the warm look of oak makes Piled ideal dor various environments.”

To make your own wall element, divider or showcase, you can easily combine the different elements. Loof Piled consists of 4 elements that you can buy as set as well as apart.

You can give this side table you own twist! Most of the beautiful products you can find at fonQ.


Styling and photography | April and May





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