the northern lighting ‘Black’ series

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Northern Lighting is honoured to present the winner of the Northern Lighting Design Award 2017; ‘Black’ series by Aleksi Peltonen.

The ‘Black’ lamp series is a well designed and carried out set of functional lighting. It consist of a wall mounted reading light complemented with a floor version. The forms shows the function and underlines a practical and adjustable light giving directed task light where needed. It suits most interiors and will give light directed down towards a table surface or over a sofa when working or reading. With a contemporary look, and a clear function the ‘Black’ series is a solid and up to date lamp.

Aleksi Peltonen

“I express myself best through items made by hand. As a former carpenter and now a furniture design student the best approach for me is to work on materials and make prototypes with my hands. I have always valued functionality as well as high quality of a product. For me quality means timelessness, practicality, longevity as well as following ecological principles. When I developed the concept ‘Black’ I wanted to achieve something minimalistic and timeless, yet something new”


We love the minimalism and tightness of this design.


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