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Stockholm-based Marielle Kerber has been an acclaimed fashion designer since the mid-nineties, winning the prestigious Guldknappen Fashion Award in 1999 for her made-to-measure collections. She decided to introduce a prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) brand, Kerber, in the fall of 2012. Above you see some beautiful outfits from the collection.

Kerber’s collections are known for carefully selected materials and elegant lines. The garments are produced with the utmost care for both you and those who produce them. They are made in Keber’s own production site in Hoi An, Vietnam, where skilled tailors have been trained to create apparel according to Marielle Kerber’s renowned standards. The garments are designed to be flattering to wear, simple to handle and have a timeless quality.

The gorgeous collection is available here.



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