japanese hasami porcelain

ultra-max-400-6-of-6Black-Hasami-Porcelain-Dinnerware-8-TRNK Hasami-mark2 Black-Hasami-Porcelain-Dinnerware-2-TRNKhasami-unglazed-mug-trnk-1200x1260

We love to share this stack-able ceramic dinnerware, called the Hasami Porcelain collection, made from a unique mixture of porcelain and clay. The collection is available as plates and bowls of various diameters, the dinnerware combines traditional Japanese ceramic techniques with a minimalistic form.

The Hasami Porcelain Collection is designed by contemporary artist Takuhiro Shinomoto. Hasami Porcelain’s straight lines represent the essence of traditional Japanese aesthetics. The curves are the result to the inevitability of function and production. The clean lines enhance the harmony and beauty of the design.

So, are you searching for new beautiful dinnerware? Or just want to spoil your self with one of those amazing mugs? You’ll find them here



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