urban jungle at kane world food studio

Urban Jungle_1 Urban Jungle_2 Urban Jungle_3 Urban Jungle_4 Urban Jungle_5 Urban Jungle_6 Urban Jungle_7 Urban Jungle_8

Restaurant – Kane World Food Studio opened in 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. The 180 square meter restaurant is designed like an gorgeous urban jungle. This beautiful restaurant is designed by Hungarian practice Bodgan Ciocodeica.

The green, vegetal component of the design comes to complete the concept of the restaurant, that serves a unique, exotic, round the world, fusion cuisine. The plants create a strong outdoor connection, at the same time defining a few private, secluded areas. The materials they use are raw, direct and uncomplicated. Concrete on the floor and the pillars. glazed ceramic tiles for the coloured background layer, mirrors on the walls and some brass details all make up a perfect background for the marble and wooden furniture.  The space is treated uniformly with different focal points, starting with the eight meter long marble bar with a mirror in the background.
The light is soft, and focused on the tables, with a few exceptions that highlights the focal points.

We are seriously in love with this place!



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