maison du danemark

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Two beautiful restaurants- Flora Danica and Copenhague -both houses within Maison du Danemark, fusing element of the past and the present.

Flora Danica is a brasserie headed by Chef Guillaume Leray that celebrates Danish cuisine with French touches.
This space offers an abundance of naturel light and creates a strong connection with nature. The space is comprised of marble floors, plants, an expansive marble bar and a gorgeous large wall display of traditional Flora Danica drawings.

Located at the first floor of La Maison du Danemark is Copenhague, a more formal restaurant where Chef Andreas Møller prepares unique Scandinavian specialities. Unlike Flora Danica, Copenhague is draped in darker, more intense colours and textures. The dark colours, black and navy blue, is a combination where you instantly fall in love with, right?

The interiors at the Maison du Danemark (House of Denmark) combines a wonderful fusion of modern Danish elegance with a refined French influence. We love it!


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