hans bølling triiio table

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One of the veteran Danish designer and architects, Hans Bølling, designed a collection of tables in the early 1960s, and now its improved versions is being launched at the IMM Cologne.

Danish company Brdr. Krüger is producing the Triiio table collection for the first time. The tables come in coffee, side and dinning versions. All the versions have different finishes and tinted glass tabletops. All the tables from the Triiio collection come with elegant brass details for a modern touch. This collection has enough personality, originality and human essence.

Hans Bølling said:

‘It has been an immense joy to experience a sketch and prototype I made when i was 27 years-old in the hands of the skilled craftsmen in Brdr. Krügers workshop; to see them work their magic and witness how simple end elegant amendments have transformed my original sketch into three present-day tables with a timeless quality.’

The Brdr. Krügers is offering its customers plenty options for design, color and material so that it can suit with every type of interior. For now the Triiio collection was exhibited at the IMM Cologne, so unfortunately we have to wait until it comes to the market.



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  • In style of mid-century modern with a very interesting shape.
    I was thrilled to see it. : )

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