norm architects for inbani

norm-architects-inbani-prime-1 norm-architects-inbani-prime-2 norm-architects-inbani-prime-3 norm-architects-inbani-prime-4 norm-architects-inbani-prime-5 norm-architects-inbani-prime-6

For the brand Inbani, specialized in bathroom furniture, the designers from Norm Architects created a new collection called Prime, which includes two bathtubs and a sink all inspired by the antique tubs.

The inspiration for the pieces comes from antique metal bathtubs and sinks, with the typical rolled edge. A contemporary design interpretation in a contemporary material, but with the soft poetic appeal from the antique tubs. The soft shape of all the items is inspired by the pressure of water and resembles the way a water filled balloon takes shape after the water pressure and gives it a natural and recognizable shape.

Take a look at more collections from Inbani here.


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  • […] Norm Architects have designed a beautiful bathroom series for Inbani called Prime. Inspired by antique metal bathtubs and sinks with traditional rolled edges, the new designs are made from contemporary materials, but with the soft poetic appeal of the antique tubs. The soft shape of the new bathtub and sinks resemble that of a water filled balloon, thus creating a natural shape that is both inviting and familiar, yet also modern. Images via Inbani & April and May […]

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