coffee bar in prague by mimosa architekti

proti-proudu-bistro-mimosa-architekti-1 proti-proudu-bistro-mimosa-architekti-2 proti-proudu-bistro-mimosa-architekti-3 proti-proudu-bistro-mimosa-architekti-4 proti-proudu-bistro-mimosa-architekti-5 proti-proudu-bistro-mimosa-architekti-6

A coffee bar for locals in the centre of Prague, sounds good right? The interior of this gorgeous place is designed by Mimosa Architekti with¬†the themes ‘current’ and ‘connection’. This is seen in two ways; connecting people during a good lunch and tasty coffee, but also the connection in electrical¬†way, think about the lights who all come together in one place. The system behind this is that the light automatically turns off and on when guest come and leave.

The whole space is decorated with plywood, oak and steel. All the glasswork and ceramics are white or transparant and then there are some accent colours in black. All with all a gorgeous, industrial coffee bar!



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  • Chloe says:

    Am amazing samples of interiors with industrial lamps and white classic walls, love it, amazing post

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