thisispaper regulars 03

this-is-paper-regulars-03-1 this-is-paper-regulars-03-2 this-is-paper-regulars-03-3 this-is-paper-regulars-03-4 this-is-paper-regulars-03-5 this-is-paper-regulars-03-6

Earlier this year we already wrote about the Thisispaper Flagship store in Warsaw. Right now, they just launched their new collection called Regulars 03. A beautiful collection which is an ode to utility and moderation. Every item has to solve a problem or a gap, and so they designed this new addition to their other collections.

Thisispaper is a design studio based in Warsaw. Apart from designing bags, they also work as graphic designers, retail designers, print publishers, art directs, event planners and product designers, so they are able to do the whole thing. Their main products are made from high quality and their vision is to bring value to the world. Sounds good right? I’m in!



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