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A citytrip to Stockholm sounds good, right? How about spend your night in the stylish Miss Clara hotel? The hotel takes place in the middle of the city and is in the building of a former girls school. This is also where the name of the hotel comes from, headmistress Clara runs the school before it got closed. Right now the building is changed into a high-class hotel, where everything blends in perfectly.

The rooms are provided with window couches, luxury bedding and cosmetic goods, so perfect for a zen night in a hotel. Apart from the rooms itself, there is a bar and even a good restaurant downstairs, all with the best dishes and drinks. I would love to go to the Miss Clara hotel when we are going to Stockholm someday!


Images by Abi Dare, thanks for sharing!


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  • Beautiful and simple nice bedroom. I just like the simplicity of those rooms

  • Sahily says:

    I have stayed at Miss Clara Hotel and found it really awesome. Totally fell in love with their luxury bedding.

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