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Last spring we started a great collaboration with Ferm LIVING and we got the chance to shoot some images with their newest products. Now it was time to get creative with their KIDS collection.

Inspired by their seaside collection for boys and party collection for the girls, which they call the ‘Caught in the moment’ collection, we brought the maritime setting with little boats on the “Seaside”  a little closer to the kids room. We love to add a specific theme to a kids room, so we can foster our children’s imagination, like the forest room we made a few weeks ago as well.

You can find our collaboration and other inspiring stories online at the brand new ferm LIVING website.



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  • Marly says:

    Super nice and super inspirational! Thank you! I tried to find the flags on the ferm living website, but it is not there, did you made it yourself as a prop for the shoot?

    • april and may says:

      Yes we made the flags ourselves and used wrapping paper from Ferm Living. They have a gift wrapping book for sale online. Good luck!

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