zara mini winter ’16

zara-mini-winter-1 zara-mini-winter-2 zara-mini-winter-3 zara-mini-winter-4 zara-mini-winter-5 zara-mini-winter-6 zara-mini-winter-7 zara-mini-winter-8 zara-mini-winter-9 zara-mini-winter-10 zara-mini-winter-11 zara-mini-winter-12zara-mini-winter-13

After all the cuteness from the autumn mini editorial, we started creating a new winter editorial a week ago. Our little model, Siem, joined us again during this cozy, winter feeling, shoot.

The theme had to fit into this winter season; we chose to work with lots of wood, knitwear and warm colors. The stars and the moon where our inspiration and we were ‘over the moon’ with the cute  settings.

How do you feel about this Zara mini collection?

You can view the complete lookbook online at ZARA.

Images: ZARA // styling and concept: APRIL AND MAY // photography: Wendy van Woudenberg | BEELDSTEIL // mini model: Siem Okke

Products: plaid | RoSmit // big bulbs of wool | Vloerkledenwinkel // cushion star | Psikhouvanjou // wall hooks | Knobbly. // rain cloud | Zilalila // big cushions | Kamer26 // basket | YUYU // coat rack | fonQ // bean bag | Zilalila // cloud hanger | Mary // piled | LOOF // cloud hangers | Psikhouvanjou

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