silke bonde presents grow up


silke-bonde-presents-grow-up-1 silke-bonde-presents-grow-up-2 silke-bonde-presents-grow-up-3 silke-bonde-presents-grow-up-4 silke-bonde-presents-grow-up-5 silke-bonde-presents-grow-up-6

Inspired by her trip to the Japanese capital Tokyo, Silke Bonde now presents her “Grow Up” collection. A beautiful collection filled with art pieces which are created by combining water colouring and sewing.

The growing plants, everywhere in the city even on the smallest places in combination with the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetics, made Silke represent the diversity of plants and the different shades of green in a collection of unique prints. The Grow Up pieces are a blend between natural and organic shapes, and complies the imperfect, asymmetric and incomplete of the Japanese aesthetics.

I would love to add this one to my collection!

Photo’s: Studio Oink

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