Samsung SERIF TV

SERIF-TV-samsung-april-and-may-1 SERIF-TV-samsung-april-and-may-2 SERIF-TV-samsung-april-and-may-3 SERIF-TV-samsung-april-and-may-4 SERIF-TV-samsung-april-and-may-5 SERIF-TV-samsung-april-and-may-6

One of our favorite designers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec,launched their first electronic product – a television for Samsung which is designed in an I-shaped frame, the Serif I.

As soon as they started with the procedure of designing this piece they had a clear vision for SERIF TV. They wanted to escape the rules and expectations of what a television should be. With keeping that in min, they created a piece that is as individual as it is relevant to the everyday. A tv which became a piece of furniture, carefully designed to integrate into your home.

The SERIF TV looks great from every angle and comes in different sizes and colours, so it will fit your style perfectly, especially since it can be used as a free standing piece, as a product between your art, in your kitchen, workspace, it will fit. The tv is designed and crafted with the needs of real homes in mind. That includes a beautiful back cover with magnetic textile to hide the TV’s ports and a discreet pocket to keep the cables tidy.

Already watched the Bouroullec movie? Get inspired! More information on this piece of art – check the Samsung website for details.

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