vipp table for any setting

Vipp971-972-1 Vipp971-972-2 Vipp971-972-3 Vipp971-972-4

A new member in the Vipp family, a beautiful table, designed with a ceramic top, which makes it highly durable and resistant to liquids and hard objects, available in two sizes.

‘As yet another chapter in the story of a design tradition dating back to 1939, the Vipp table embodies the Vipp DNA in combining high functionality and clean aesthetics. Like all other Vipp products, the table is a true testament of a functional design approach, where products come to life based on a desire to create usable objects that bring joy to everyday life.’ – Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer at Vipp

Industrial steel, for daily use with great aesthetics, where we already got a preview of during our trip to the Vipp shelter a great addition!

More information at Vipp



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