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Our newest collaboration with IKEA is all about a creative workspace whether working at home or having a studio elsewhere. Being organized as much as possible helps us to stay focussed and have a clear mind for all the things we are working on. The perfect place to work and create is a place that inspires you.

A smaller table can be used both as a workspace and place to show some favorite items and/or plants. Drawers are perfect to store your notebooks, laptop, pens and more. Using functional (and beautiful) furniture pieces like a trolley and cabinet can be very useful to not only store your belongings but also to use as a centerpiece for books, objects, plant and more favorite pieces.

At IKEA you can find a lot of items to help you create your own creative workspace like the table, trolley and cabinet we used to inspire you. But of course there is more to create a space that fits you.

styling and photography //April and May for IKEA



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  • nitahannele says:

    Love the ambience of these pictures! Did you treat the table somehow (or is it just the editing) since I recall that table being from bamboo? Really like the design but it’s too warm for my space.

  • Mana says:

    Hi i was also wondering if you did anything to the table or if its the filter as i fell in love with the table but the bamboo color is too bright for me. the color in your picture however is just perfect! please reply :D

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