claes juhlin art home

claes-juhlin-minimalism-art-home-1 claes-juhlin-minimalism-art-home-2 claes-juhlin-minimalism-art-home-3 claes-juhlin-minimalism-art-home-4 claes-juhlin-minimalism-art-home-5 claes-juhlin-minimalism-art-home-6

A minimalistic small apartment that feels spacious, one of the things that is important for the owners Claes Juhlin and Michelle Zetterstrom. Also their love for design and art. Most of the furniture and objects in their Stockholm home are more then 50 years old. For example their love for chairs: designs of Alvar Aalto, Pierre Jeanneret and Arne Norell. But also the sophisticated sofa, a design for Moooi from Bart Werken.

More images and inspiration on the website of Residence magazine.



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