butik coffee table




Sometimes you can look for a new piece for your home for ages and then finally you find what you are looking for. I have been searching for the perfect coffee table for a while now looking for something with enough space for cups and books and our weekend food treats. But also something a bit more flexible depending on where we want use it for.

With the coffeetable from Butik I have found the perfect addition to our living room. The tables are made from oak wood and the oval shape and round edges give it a soft and warm feeling. Because of the different hights you can easily combine them when placing them together and when you need some extra space in a different place you can use them on their own just as easily.

Are you looking for a table or something else but you can’t decide? I found these tables at fonQ where I could easily select my preferences which made it easier to choose and find what I was looking for.

- Vivian -



There are 3 comments

  • Jody says:

    Welke maten heb je gekozen?

  • Silvy says:

    It’s very pretty!!!! And the photos are very nice too!
    I need to get a new one for my house too, and I can’t decide or find one that is right ;-)

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