ferm living aw16 collection

FERM-LIVING-aw-collection-2016-1 FERM-LIVING-aw-collection-2016-2 FERM-LIVING-aw-collection-2016-3 FERM-LIVING-aw-collection-2016-4 FERM-LIVING-aw-collection-2016-5 FERM-LIVING-aw-collection-2016-6 FERM-LIVING-aw-collection-2016-7

As fall is entering slowly, so do all the interior brands with their new collections. Today we will show you the new Ferm Living AW16 collection.

With every new collection they show, Ferm Living is growing to a higher level. They have expand the collection with some beautiful furniture pieces and sophisticated accessories.

It’s been an honor to have been working with them in the past… and keep an eye on the blog, since there will be more to come..

You’ll find the new catalogue online – be inspired and get your home ready for fall -






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  • andrew moss says:

    Love the product, in particular haze vitrine , can i buy this in the UK or do you ship to the UK?

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