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Only two weeks left until we have to move out of our current home. I have started packing already a few weeks ago and the house is starting to get more empty every day. The current status of our new home is that it will not be finished when we have to move…we need another 2 or 3 weeks until we can move in…That made us look into a in between home and luckily we have found a nice and cute holiday home where we can stay.

Most of the things like the bathroom furniture, kitchen, outside wooden paneling and doors for the new home have been arranged and will be delivered and finished in the upcoming weeks. For the smaller things I am still deciding yet…making decisions for your own place is the hardest thing really :)

Do you remember the last post about our bathroom? We made our final choices for the cabinets and bath from Baths by Clay and have chosen the Ark bath and Timeless basins, all in white. For the taps I have been thinking about black for a long time but finally choose polished RVS because although I really like the black taps I think the polished RVS will be more timeless for the future.

The shower area will be tiled with black hexagon tiles and for the rest of the bathroom we don’t use tiles and keep the walls white. I am not quite sure about the mirror and lights in the bathroom but for now I think it will be something like I used in my moodboard. Can’t wait to see everything in real and to show you the final result.

You can find more about our home renovation on instagram with #jantineshomerenovation

xo Jantine



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  • Jessica says:

    Spannend Jantine, leuk om iets van de voortgang mee te krijgen. Wij zijn dus net verhuisd. Same here met de zwarte kranen: na -tig inspiratieplaatjes met zwarte kranen toch voor de chroom gegaan ;-) Badkamers worden op dit moment nog geschilderd dus zitten nog even in een halve verbouwingssituatie. Succes met de laatste weken!

  • Desiree says:

    Toch dat mooie bad! Groot gelijk om ervoor te gaan want t is niet iets wat je even snel weer veranderd! Succes met de laatste loodjes :)

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