väkst copenhagen

ChrisTonnesen-cofoco-vakst-1 ChrisTonnesen-cofoco-vakst-2 ChrisTonnesen-cofoco-vakst-3 ChrisTonnesen-cofoco-vakst-4

In June, we will be giving Copenhagen another visit. And we have to admit, we visit Copenhagen more often then Amsterdam. Still every time we are there, new stores, hotels and restaurants are being opened.

We already visited a Cofoco restaurant, during our previous trip, and now there is Vakst, where the heart of the restaurant is a greenhouse. And that’s something to be excited about. I love greenhouses! Since they our open for lunch and evening dining we will have to give us some time to visit and see/taste it for ourselves.

Looking forward and we will keep you updated.




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  • Liesbeth Dejonghe says:

    Tis een aanrader!

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