ogrady house

OGradyStHouse-01 OGradyStHouse-02 OGradyStHouse-03 OGradyStHouse-04 OGradyStHouse-05 OGradyStHouse-06 OGradyStHouse-07

The OGrady house, by Whiting Architects, is designed perfectly. The whole project deals with volumes, forms, views and functionality. With the outdoors invited indoors.

The use of soft and naturel tones, which accentuate the architectural elements, easily blend in. And that is also for the materials: linen, wicker, leather, ceramic, all calm and organic.

The work of Whiting Architects definitely fits our style. See more projects on their website.

Photography by Sharyn Cairns



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  • Allison says:

    Gorgeous house! I’d love to know the exterior light grey paint colour

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