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Private-Apartment-Belgrade-Serbia-Studio-AUTORI-1 Private-Apartment-Belgrade-Serbia-Studio-AUTORI-2 Private-Apartment-Belgrade-Serbia-Studio-AUTORI-3 Private-Apartment-Belgrade-Serbia-Studio-AUTORI-4 Private-Apartment-Belgrade-Serbia-Studio-AUTORI-5

This apartment of 80sqm is designed by Autori, a design studio based in Serbia. The feel of this apartment is for us, a mixture of a kind of vintage feeling, with lots of plants in combination with a sophisticated feeling by using materials like velvet and glass.

The kitchen, which is made is designed by Autori as well, is made of steel and plywood and by adding the soft colors and marble top, it get’s a elegant touch.

More work of Autori ,which you will like, is available on their site.



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  • Myloview says:

    Beautiful interior. Love this style

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