vivian’s home renovation

fonq-aprilandmay-101 fonq-aprilandmay-102kopie  fonq-aprilandmay-300-2fonq-aprilandmay-201

No, we are not using the bathroom yet. Everything has to be installed etc.. but this doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the accessories I collected for our bathroom.

Pretty towels, sponges, tooth brushes, it’s very important to have right? ;)

To give the space a soft and friendly touch, I wanted to add some plants, in this case I chose to use air plants and present them in matt black cups, which also can be used as tea light holders.

We chose to use black accessories, to give the whole space a bit of contrast. Ever seen an elephant in a bathroom? This timeless design piece can be used in every space and because of the material, it works very well in a ‘wet’ space. And  I always wanted to have the Eames Elephant in my design collection, so this is a good excuse right? More Vitra design pieces you’ll find at fonQ.

Soon you will see our completed bathroom and a sneak preview of our home office :)



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  • Helena says:

    What a beautiful floor tiling. Can You please write the name of these tiles? Helena

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