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Are you ready for spring? Get inspired for this season with the new ZARA mini spring report. For the last few weeks our mind was set on a cuteness overload and creating a spring world around these happy pieces for the little ones. Another fun project by creating the images and working on creating a story around these small pieces. The bright colors make your little one spring proof. We are looking forward!

What’s your favorite piece?

You can view the complete lookbook online at ZARA.

Images: ZARA // styling and concept: APRIL AND MAY // photography: Wendy van Woudenberg | BEELDSTEIL

Products: clothes rack  | SPITSBERG // crochet fruits | ANNE CLAIRE PETIT  // wooden toys | DES ENFANTILLAGES  // childerens chair & dots | FONQ // knitted cactus | TORN AND NEEDLE // childrens bed | PRUUN

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  • Vicky says:

    Ohhhhhh! inspiring and so beautiful !!!! kisses from Argentina <3

  • Jessica says:

    Wow! I always fall in love with your take on the zara mini photo’s. And I love the shirt with the brightly coloured fruit. Awesome job!

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