kutikai bookcase give away


Last week we showed you the new ZARA mini spring report. For this styling production we were able to use the beautiful bookcase from Kutikai, a children furniture brand from Poland.

The bookcase from the Peekaboo collection is a friendly bookcase, made out of birch plywood. With it’s round edges it has a soft, friendly feeling which will fit your kids room perfectly. But besides books, you can also use it to store your favorite little ones shoes, cute toys and other treasures you like to show.

We were already very happy to be able to use this bookcase, but now we also have a change to let one of you guys win this bookcase!

So, what do you have to do? First, leave a comment on this post why you would like to win this Peekaboo bookcase from Kutikai. Follow Kutikai on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you have a chance to win!

We will announce the winner next week! xoxo April and May & Kutikai



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  • BlackKBH says:

    In a month my family and I move to a bigger place. This means that our kids get their own rooms for the first time. This beautiful bookcase would be absolutely perfect for my sons room, because it seems to be offering a lot of storage space as well as being kind of a work of art in itself. His room is not the biggest one – roughly 7 sqm, which is why we need to furnish it with well thought off furniture like this beautiful bookcase by Kutikai. I (of course) have liked Kutikai on FB and IG, so that I in future can be inspired by their products ;)

  • Lisa says:

    Reading is an important past time at home. It’s something that they look forward to at night, even more than watching cartoons on telly. Reading is imagination. Imagining new and exciting things, places and experiences. I think this bookshelf is also imaginative and excludes all of that fun, youthful excitement. What better way to display and choose your read?

  • juliiia says:

    i am not a kid anymore nor do i have any, but i live in a teeny tiny old copenhagen apartment directly under the roof .. and where one needs to think small!! i think this bookshelf would fit in since its not that high and fit the light floors perfectly!

  • Anita H. says:

    Nou, ik heb nog een boekenkast nodig en deze is super.

  • kelli says:

    this is such a beautiful bookcase! both of my kids are in dire need of new storage and we’re planning on spending this year trying to get it all done with our income. this would be the perfect addition to one of their rooms!! i’m not sure if this is open worldwide or not, but thought i would try. love the blog!

  • Fokke says:

    This lovely bookcase would be a perfect gift for my first grandchild!

  • Roos says:

    Such a lovely bookcase and furniture brand! We received so much toys, books and other lovely presents for our son Siem Okke (born in september ’15) that we ran out of storage. So this bookcase would really help in storing all of his presents. The open shelves are perfect for his wooden toys, shoes and other presents we like to show. And on top of that, the playful look fits perfectly in his room!

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