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While writing this post, it is a very cloudy, windy and grey day. I always feel like wanting to skip February and go straight to March, or even better, April. Doesn’t mean I don’t like winter, it just takes to long. Especially when their is no snow and only rain.

So. Let’s prepare for spring with doing some research on our garden and garden furniture, to cheer ourselves up.

As you know, I am already living in the country side, so I love to get our garden as comfortable as possible and expand our interior to the outdoors. But, this year, Jantine is also getting a big garden at her new place. And I’m guessing, she’ll really be liking this outdoor furniture from Skagerak.

I love to see that their furniture can be combined in different types of gardens. A country garden, a city garden and even a balcony. Also, the Skagerak garden accessories are perfect, beautiful pots, a bird feeder, a great firebowl and much more.

And that Hang chair? It’s a must have!

xoxo Vivian

Oh, and they also have beautiful indoor furniture, you’ll read about it here in one of our previous posts.



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