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muuto-news-aprilandmay-ss16-1 The Home of Emma and Steven muuto-news-aprilandmay-ss16-3 muuto-news-aprilandmay-ss16-4 muuto-news-aprilandmay-ss16-5 muuto-news-aprilandmay-ss16-6

For the Muuto SS16 collection, they came with some new ceramics and a few additions to their already existing products. Like to Fiber chair without arms and an extra wide Visu chair. Also their Restore collection ( our all time favorite! )  is now available in different shapes and sizes.

We love to see that their collection has the real Muuto dna, you can easily recognize their beautiful products.

We love to hear: what’s you’re Muuto favorite?



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  • Skorstenshuv says:

    Black chair on the second photo)

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  • Janny says:

    Tweede foto, de tafel.

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