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So maybe, we have been living underneath a rock. Doesn’t matter, we are going to share it anyway. We discovered Skagerak. And we absolutely love it.

Skagerak is a company, founded in the 70′s, from Denmark. Their passion for wood and focus on quality has remained over the years as they developed their brand into a modern design brand with a wide selection of contemporary products. Their vision? Making things that last a lifetime, that will age well and collect stories.

Because in a world, good stories and relationships are what matters most, and we strive to design furniture that facilitates memorable meetings between people

At Skagerak, they want to develop furniture that will be as relevant in 20 years time as it is today, living side by side with classics. Products that appeal to people of all ages and bring beauty to our everyday life.

From now on, we will keep an eye on Skagerak and all their upcoming news :)



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