kiosque bouroullec

Kiosques-Emerige-Studio-Bouroullec-Paris-France-aprilandmay-1 Kiosques-Emerige-Studio-Bouroullec-Paris-France-aprilandmay-2 Kiosques-Emerige-Studio-Bouroullec-Paris-France-aprilandmay-3 Kiosques-Emerige-Studio-Bouroullec-Paris-France-aprilandmay

The Kiosque, designed by the Bouroullecs, is a pavilion commissioned by Emerige with the Galerie kreo that will be donated to the City of Paris.

For now, the Kiosque can be visited until the beginning of November (5th) in Jardin des Tuileries, because of the International Contemporary Art Fair. After this it will be used for social and cultural projects, so hopefully we will find it during other events as well.

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