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Love to introduce you to our new blog friend LIJNS. In the LIJNS webshop you’ll find all kind of interior accessories made of marble.

LIJNS is a family company based in the Netherlands. Because you can order a lot of items in customized sizes, everything is specially made for you. They have beautiful cutting boards to use in your kitchen, but you can also order small accessories like picture holders & letters. And, if you want to upgrade your old side table, their is also an opportunity to order a loose marble top, in the every size you want!

Looking for some marble inspiration? You can follow their marble Pinterest board here.

We think marble is a beautiful material for your home, which you can combine perfectly with wood, concrete and brass. Happy to see a store that pays attention to this beautiful material!



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  • Lovely to see you last weekend in Amsterdam! Love Lijns, and nice to see some of the images I shot for them in your post :) x

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