auping essential dream bedroom


It’s a wrap! The dream bedroom for the Auping Essential Styling Contest is ready and last week there was the chance to see it live at the vtwonen & design fair.

As you know we have been working on this project for the past few weeks with a visit to the Auping factory and the visit from vtwonen stylist Leonie at my home where we created the moodboard for the dream bedroom. Last week Leonie worked hard to create this bedroom with the Auping Essential bed. For me it was a real surprise what she had made of it so I was very curious the see the final result. You can see all of this in the above video.

What do you think, could this be your dream bedroom?

I really like the final result and think it is just the sphere we wanted when creating the moodboard. The dark blue Essential bed with the dark fabric headboard, the dark walls and beautiful textiles and natural materials fit perfectly together and make it a simple but elegant bedroom.

I love the contrasts and the custom made steel wall object where you can hang your lights. It gives the room something extra without being too much.

If you like this bedroom and would love to see this at your home you can vote here and maybe you are the lucky one to win this Auping essential bed and bedroom.

Would love to hear what you think and I keep my fingers crossed that we will win the styling contest and pick a lucky winner.

x Jantine




There are 6 comments

  • Nannette says:

    Love the walls and the overall ambiance.

  • Mariska says:

    I voted for you!! Nu duimen voor mijn eigen slaap paradijsje:)

  • Ruta says:

    Nice! How do you get wash out effect of the wall?

  • cecile says:

    Zo mooi.. ♡

  • Judith says:

    Love the entire atmosphere you’ve created with this room. Especially love the big lightbulp lamps. May I ask where you’ve got those from? I will vote for this room!

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