scandinavia meets australia

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This home in Sydney is a mix of Australia and Scandinavia.

It’s the combination of different kinds of wood. White and blue tones with light and dark wood are in a perfect balance in this calm and cozy home.

Also the original beams and the wooden walls give it a characteristic feeling. Vintage and modern design are used in a subtle way and the plants blend in easily. Well done :)

For more inamges of this home, go to the the Design Files website, where we found this beautiful home.



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  • What a nice and cozy home, it´s so bright and clear, with modern and traditional Details, especially The Dining and the Living room.
    Best regars, Laura

  • Definitely each home has a story, but this one is different…it is full of cozy and light, full of fairy tale in each corner. I would be delighted to call it my home:) .I love Scandi style….. I love the simplicity of their ideas, as per what we can see even in your pictures…everything is starting from wood, followed by leather, metal, linen, wool and furs, and the Nordic colour palette tends to be light and pale…simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it.
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