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Again, great news this week :) we can’t describe how happy we are with all those amazing collaborations we are having at the moment and today we share another one with you.

We like to introduce to you: Truly Yours. The newest addition to the FEM Home collection of natural home-textiles. Born from a collaboration with FEM Home, the throw/scarf is bound to be everyone’s favorite item this fall.

The beautiful throw, can be used as a blanket to curl up under, but also as a scarf to wear around your neck. After an inspirational visit to the FEM Home studio, the scarf caught our eye, but wasn’t in production yet. We were very enthusiastic and came up with some colours that fitted the throw, FEM Home and that fitted our style, which resulted in this collaboration between the high-end textile brand and the April and May studio.

In the images above you see the Ash/Chalk version, the April and May favorite. But besides this version their is also a beautiful Denim/Mud and a Oats/Sand.

All of the Truly yours throws are available in our brand new store.

Thank you FEM Home team, for this great collaboration!

Images by Wendy van Woudenberg – Beeldsteil, styling by April and May



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  • Super gaaf ! Echt een mooie collectie :)

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