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Today we want to celebrate the little ones with these set of rompers by IMPS&ELFS. The Full of… box contains a set of 4 rompers imprinted with some great funny words.

IMPS&ELFS wants a child to be a child. Childrens characteristics, like their build, their personality, their imagination, get all the space they need. First you see the child, then what he is wearing. The true quality of the clothes is in the cut. On a hanger, the garment appears straightforward. But in the body, it shows its finesse. A shifted shoulder seam, a sleeve just a bit tighter than usual. This combination results in a sharp and fashionable silhouette without being too obvious. For a perfect fit choose the garment based on the length of your child.

So much care and detail is given to the designs of the IMPS&ELFS collection that will easily make you fall in love with this brand.

What do you have to do to win this great box with rompers?

- Like IMPS&ELFS on their Instagram and Facebook
- Leave a comment why you would like to win this box and ofcourse the size you prefer

We will announce the winner next week.

xo IMPS&ELFS & April and may

There are 24 comments

  • Rens says:

    jaaaa heel leuk! Maat 80 :-)
    Zag hem op pinterest al voor bij komen, alleen nog niet op instagram

  • Stephanie says:

    my little juliet loves to wear imps&elfs, and i love seeing her in it. one of the very few brands with a quality that survives many, many (MANY) washes, and a fit that suits my tall babe. she’s wearing size 62 now, soon she’ll be graduating to 68 i guess. time flies… xx

  • Dagmar moretti says:

    My baby boy would look so cute in these!!! I would love to win(: I love the idea behind it.

  • Nanet says:

    Vandaag een erg pittige dag gehad met minder fijn nieuws. En op zulke momenten besef ik met altijd des te meer hoe dankbaar ik ben voor onze kleine man. Zo veel liefde voor hem! De teksten op de rompertjes vind ik zo mooi! Zo puur als kindjes zijn, we kunnen als volwassenen zo veel van ze leren :) Als ik mag winnen dan graag maat 92 of 56.

  • Joke says:

    My girl Ida wears a lot of imps&elfs, most of it was her brother’s. I love the good quality and great fit. My name is Joke, so I am particularly fan of the ‘full of Jokes’ romper! She wears 56 now, but will soon grow into 62.

  • Jeanette von Stosch says:

    I always love the cute sayings on imps&elfs shirts. My yet to be born 2nd child (due November) would love to have some of his or her own clothes additional to all his/her brother’s old ones. Size: newborn :)

  • Daphne Engel says:

    Heel graag!! Maatje 62:-). Maar ik mis; full of hugs! Want daar genieten we toch zo van

  • Carlien says:

    Jeeej, I love Imps&Elfs, and so does my little girl Saar who wears size 74 now. I am all about sustainable qualitative, yet affordable brands and I&E is absolutely one of them!

  • Sanne den Houter says:

    My little girl is full of … everything. Every day is a day full of new experiments, to learn about life. She is full of life. I love it

  • Sofie says:

    Cause I’m full of happiness with my little elf. She’ll soon be wearing size 68 and looks adorable in Imps & Elfs. ❤️

  • Sharon says:

    Over 8 dagen ben ik uitgerekend van m’n eerste kindje. Zou dus super leuk zijn als ik zo’n box win! Graag in maat 62, zodat ze het later aan kan. Liefs..

  • Jasmijn says:

    full of: imps & elfs! Maat 62

  • Rachel says:

    We have waited to get pregnant for a long time. Now that I am, we would love a box with cute imps&elfs rompers !! size 56

  • Anastasia says:

    Because they’re great for babies! Size 80!

  • Sabrina van dijk says:

    yeahh!! Wauwie!! Voor mijn princesje maatje 80 :)

  • Jessie vd Weijer says:

    Dat is nog eens orgineel! eind juni verwachten we ons 2e ventje maat 62 zou heeeeeeeeeeeeeel gaaf zijn!

  • joaquim says:

    Prachtig! Deze papa waagt heel heel graag een kansje voor onze lieve kleine en stoere man! Want ook papa’s zijn vinden imps & elfs gaaf!!! :-)

  • Anna says:

    These are the smartest and the cutest things for babies I’ve seen. My baby is practically 4 months and all these words are about her. Every morning she is full of life, her eyes are always full of love when she looks at me. All day she behaves like she is full of her little plans. And like every and each baby she is full of jokes all the time.
    Unfortunately have no fb page so will like IMPS&ELFS just in instagram, which is by the way really nice.
    Thank you for introducing to the brand.
    P.S. Our size is 68.

  • Janneke says:

    Jaa! Die zijn cool! ik hou van teksten, en Imps&elfs is prachtig! Graag maat 80!

  • ClémenceL says:

    I would like to win these rompers so much. My best friend just gave birth to a baby boy and she would be so happy to see these cute rompers. His size is 56.
    Thanks a lot for these give away. Always with great taste.

  • Annika van der Kooi-Lange says:

    Our life changed a lot with the arrival of our little girl, but with 3 in stead of 2 people our life is full of love. She is full of jokes (we guess) and laughs the entire day. And with her our life is full of new plans and hopes for the future. I would love to win the set of rompers in size 68.

  • Kim says:

    Wanhopig op zoek naar hét originele kraamcadeau voor mijn vriendin, kom ik dit setje tegen: puur & simpel, maar wel uniek. Precies waar zij van houdt! En dan ook nog eens een winactie, zodat ik het kleine wondertje met niet alleen met dit setje, maar met nog veel meer cadeautjes kan verwennen. Ik ga duimen! Maatje 62, dan zal het in ieder geval niet te klein zijn voor de kleine.

  • Sabine Flothuis says:

    Ik zou heel graag kans willen maken op deze mooie set!! Nog een paar weekjes wachten en dan mogen we onze kleine man eindelijk vasthouden <3
    Daarom zou het heel leuk zijn om maat 56 te winnen….

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