susanna vento for sato






Susanna Vento designed and styled the interior for SATO; hotel homes/apartments in Finland, which she did really great. We love the bright open space and don’t you just love that view?



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  • Kelly says:

    I really love the bedside sconce – can you tell me where I can find this?

  • cottu says:

    I love your photos !!
    Where does come from the wall lamp ?
    Thank you so much

  • Do you happen to know the source for the calendar hanging on the wall in the bedroom pic.

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  • Ally says:

    Hi! I was wondering where I could get my hands on the square black pillow with white stripes that is sitting in the bedroom? Thank you!

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  • Andrea says:

    This interior inspiration is beautiful! I had to include it in my Fun Friday Finds:

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