eat, drink and be merry with Oatgasm

We just discovered the amazing blog, named Oatgasm, from the 17 year old Meghan Elizabeth and we have found a few recipes that we are definitely going to try this Christmas. Besides her cooking skills we are very impressed by her talent for photography, styling and writing!
“Over the years, I’ve become a ruthless writer and poet, a striving photographer, a future Horticulturalist, and a recipe-developer with an ever-growing passion for this myriad thing called life. Be it in the face of flowers, the fear of the unknown, the fragility of evanescence, or in the spontaneous freedom of everyday life, I try to capture a sense of intimacy, beauty, and adventure in everything that crosses my wayward path; even if it happens to be found in a bowl of oatmeal, which is just about where this blog began.”
These are only 4 of the many delicious recipes on her blog. Wanna see more? Visit her website
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with you loved ones, 
xoxo April and May

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  • Seeing this nearly stopped my heart! Thank you so so much for featuring my little blog. I turn to yours almost daily, in search of inspiration, everything from food to home. I am so honoured. Thank you.

  • Regards from Poland :) Beautiful photos !

  • Super pictures! Love your photo’s :) !!!

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