amsterdammer pastoe

Do you already know the Dutch brand Pastoe?
Pastoe started in 1913 as the Utrechtse Machinale Stoel- en Muebelfabriek (UMS) and grew quickly into a large factory by Dutch standards.
The A’dammer cabin is a distinctive example of furniture as an object. The cabin is designed in 1978 by Aldo van den Nieuwelaar and is one of the best-selling Dutch furniture pieces of all time. 
To celebrate this piece of beautiful design, which you can order in all the colors of Pastoe, they are having a special offer until the end of 2014. Curious? We will sell the Pastoe cabins in the new First or Second store which will be opening on the 13th of September. Can’t wait? You can always call us for pre-ordering ;) 
xoxo First or Second, by the team of April and May

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  • Anni says:

    I just love Pastoe. You probably were at last weekends Factory sale in Utrecht as well? There I found this incredibel vintage KM05 wire stool for a very good deal and have fallen absolutely in love with it. I will definitely keep an eye on your store! Will it have a webshop as well?

  • Nice interior designing and interior furnishing!

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