mikkel karstad spis

It’s weekend, so time for spending some time with your family and friends.. and for us, this includes delicious food.
What I love to share with you, are the recipes of Mikkel Karstad. And especially his beautiful book Spis, which came out a few months ago. Check the movie of the book presentation here.
Lucky me, cause I got a copy for my birthday from Jantine.. Signed by Mikkel, who we met last December at Vipp, where we got a foodstyling contest with Mikkel his dishes. 
So.., we will definitely be having the flamed strawberries.. :) Enjoy your weekend!
For recipes and more book info, go to weyoutheyate
xoxo Vivian 

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  • Tante Mali says:

    Oh, what a meal! What a setting, what great pictures!! Would like to join you! Must be beautiful!
    All the best and sunny days

  • Caroline says:

    Looks gorgeously tasteful.

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