shoe love

Hello to you all on this first official workday for us in 2014. 
We are looking forward to this new year with so many great new things coming for us and you.
Let’s make a stylish way to enter this new year with these great shoes by Maruti Footwear
We just love a pair of flat shoes when running around and these shoes are just perfect. 
Comfortable but in a stylish and elegant way with this collection of low ankle lace shoes. 
The prints, model and lace are perfect and look great with anything you wear. 
A perfect start for the new year…

There are 4 comments

  • Julie says:

    ohhh <3 die zijn mooi, lijken me zeer comfortabel

  • ewap says:

    Wow, ze lijken een beetje op Anniel die ik heb.Deze ken ik niet.Leuk!

  • Audrey says:

    Ooohhhhh zoooooo mooi. Ik krijg spontaan hoofdpijn, zoveel ben ik nu aan het kwijlen. Waar kan ik deze kopen in Amsterdam? Of online mag ook.

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